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It is agreed that IKERD CREATIVE will provide the proposed services and items listed on the corresponding "Proposal, Quote and Invoice," or subsequent revisions thereof (QUOTE), under the terms of this SERVICE AGREEMENT, for the Client's Name (CLIENT), Event Title, Name, Event Day/Date, Event Location, Number of Attendees, Official Event Start/End Time and Bar Open/Close Time (EVENT) listed on the QUOTE.

It is agreed that IKERD CREATIVE will allow CLIENT to use rental items shown on the QUOTE, for this EVENT, only, under the terms of this SERVICE AGREEMENT.

The CLIENT agrees to the payment and cancellation policies and terms on the corresponding “Invoice and Acceptance of Service Agreement” (INVOICE), provided in the corresponding QUOTE.


Access to event venue(s) must be scheduled in advance and verified prior to deliveries by IKERD CREATIVE's staff. Access must be made available to IKERD CREATIVE's staff at the scheduled times.

IKERD CREATIVE's staff may not be available to assist or accommodate guests who arrive at the venue earlier than 15 minutes before the official EVENT start time (as specified on the QUOTE).

To prevent delays in deliveries, loading, unloading and set up, it would be helpful if CLIENT can share with IKERD CREATIVE their schedule for venue access by other independent contractors, friends, family, agents, décor installers, cake decorators, photographers, music and sound providers, and any others making deliveries or providing services for the EVENT.

After unloading, and within 30 minutes of the official EVENT start time, all IKERD CREATIVE delivery and staff vehicles will be parked in the main parking lot, away from the venue entrance.


If IKERD CREATIVE is providing your Event Decor Services:

• Selection of decor items and detailed instructions for placement of decorations is to be determined by CLIENT and IKERD CREATIVE well in advance of the EVENT date.

• Specific instructions for cake table placement and draping must be provided to IKERD CREATIVE at least week in advance of the EVENT. Cake delivery time must be coordinated with IKERD CREATIVE so the cake table decor is completed prior to delivery of cake. Final assembly and placement of cakes (stacking of previously decorated layers) is not done by IKERD CREATIVE's staff.

• Linens placed by catering staff or others must be wrinkle-free.

• All decor provided by CLIENT or others should arrive in ready-to-use condition (i.e., no major assembly or messes created).

• Decorations, centerpieces, and flower arrangements should be completely assembled before delivery.

• Candles should be enclosed in glass or on top of a surface that protects the table or tablecloth underneath it. CANDLES ARE NOT TO BE MOVED UNTIL COOLED to avoid any wax spillage on tables and linens. You will be invoiced for any linens and other items owned by IKERD CREATIVE that need to be replaced due to spilled wax.

• Sparklers are not recommended near IKERD CREATIVE's decor items. CLIENT will be invoiced for tiny burn holes and other damage to our items due to sparkler use.

• Decorations that IKERD CREATIVE determines are likely to be dangerous to guests, or that may cause damage to the walls or woodwork of the venue will not be used or will be installed as IKERD CREATIVE sees fit.

• Once the event is set up, decor items, furniture, chairs, tables, and other items are NOT TO BE MOVED by CLIENT or other vendors without permission of IKERD CREATIVE’s event manager.

•  Additional access time must be allowed and approved in advance with the venue director to allow IKERD CREATIVE to dismantle, gather and remove décor items from the venue immediately following an EVENT.


It is the responsibility of the CLIENT to make arrangements for all items they need for their EVENT.

Moving and placement of CLIENT's rental items by IKERD CREATIVE's staff is available for a fee, if scheduled in advance. Availability of our staff to assist with last-minute moving and setup is not guaranteed without prior payment and scheduling.

When you rent items from IKERD CREATIVE:

• No discount will be given if there are fewer attendees than expected. No refund or credit will be made for any facility area or rented items or equipment, or portion thereof, that is not used.

• Only rentals in our inventory are provided at the quoted prices. We can coordinate ordering and delivery of additional rentals from an out-of-house provider for an additional administrative fee, plus the provider's rental charges.

• Additional rentals may be available from IKERD CREATIVE upon request by the CLIENT or their authorized agents, and availability (if any) and prices for the rentals will be provided at that time. CLIENT will be invoiced and payment is due immediately if additional rentals are requested or required; there is no guarantee that rentals will be available for more than the expected number of attendees.

• IKERD CREATIVE provides no warranty of any kind regarding the RENTALS except that IKERD CREATIVE shall attempt to replace unusable items with identical or similar items if it is available in our inventory.

• Acceptance by IKERD CREATIVE of returned items or equipment does not constitute a waiver of any of the rights IKERD CREATIVE has under this Service Agreement.


Plans and a specific start time for load-in and set-up music/sound and video services should be made available to IKERD CREATIVE prior to the event day to prevent delays in delivery and set-up.

Equipment setup should be handled in the space where they will be used, so they do not affect decor and event areas already set up by IKERD CREATIVE.

All equipment, including cables, speakers, lights, and other items, should be well out of the way of guest traffic.

A closet or other area should be designated in advance, for storage of boxes, cases and other items.

A breakroom and complimentary food and beverages is usually required for band members.


The CLIENT agrees that any agreement made between the CLIENT and another vendor or independent contractor is the CLIENT’s responsibility. Any resulting invoices and payments to the vendor or independent contractor is to be paid by the CLIENT. Such agreements and resulting invoices are of no concern or expense to IKERD CREATIVE.

IKERD CREATIVE is not responsible for the activities and behavior of other vendors and independent contractors, however, we do suggest the following policies:

  • All vendors and independent contractors, and their agents or employees who are present at CLIENT's event, should be dressed appropriately at least thirty minutes prior to the official EVENT start time. Only professionally dressed workers should be allowed in areas where guests are assembled.
  • Vendor and independent contractor staff should conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.
  • Vendor and independent contractor staff should wear name tags.
  • Vendor and independent contractor staff should display a logo or other signage, or otherwise let people know their business name.
  • Dirty aprons are not allowed outside of the kitchen or catering prep areas.
  • Vendor and independent contractor staff should be friendly but not overly involved in guest activities.
  • Vendor and independent contractor staff should take minimal smoking breaks, in designated smoking areas, only.
  • All equipment should be kept well out of the way of guest traffic. A closet or other area should be designated in advance, for storage of boxes, cases and other items.


The CLIENT agrees to pay IKERD CREATIVE the verbal or written quoted rental rate for additional provided RENTALS (other than those listed on the QUOTE) or staff services that they or their designated agents request verbally or in writing.

The CLIENT shall pay IKERD CREATIVE within 15 days for replacement and/or repair of any of IKERD CREATIVE’s property that is lost, stolen, damaged and in need of repair due to damage that occurred during or in connection with this EVENT. IKERD CREATIVE’s invoice for replacement or repair is conclusive as to the amount CLIENT shall pay for repair or replacement.


It is the CLIENT’s responsibility to ensure their friends, family, guests, vendors, and independent contractors can conduct all activities on the property in safety and in compliance with all applicable laws.


The CLIENT is reponsible for ensuring all event area clean-up and trash removal, as required by the venue.

IKERD CREATIVE will remove their decor and rental items at the end of the event.

IKERD CREATIVE's Event Service Assistant, Event Dining Assistant and Event Dishwashing services are three (3) separate services available for your event, if scheduled in advance.

IKERD CREATIVE does not provide food or beverages, or cake slicing or plating services, therefore you are required to provide your own food and/or licensed caterer (CATERER), at your own expense.

If Event Service Assistant services are purchased by CLIENT, IKERD CREATIVE's Event Service Assistant will tidy up dishwashing areas (if used) and/or bag trash for removal from the building.

If Event Service Assistant services are purchased by CLIENT, IKERD CREATIVE's Event Service Assistant only buses glasses, and only washes glasses rented from IKERD CREATIVE.

If Event Dishwasher services are purchased by CLIENT, IKERD CREATIVE's Event Dishwasher only washes dishware, silverware and glasses rented from IKERD CREATIVE.

If Event Dining Assistant services are purchased by CLIENT, IKERD CREATIVE's Event Dining Assistant does not provide dishwashing services.

If guests alert CATERER's or IKERD CREATIVE's staff to any problems with bathrooms or other areas, CATERER's or IKERD CREATIVE's staff (if any) should do their best to immediately remedy the situation (i.e., get more toilet paper or hand towels, plunge a clogged toilet, mop up spills, etc.), otherwise, the venue director should be alerted.

CATERING is responsible for placing cloth napkins, silverware and other dining and beverage items on tables (and for rolling silverware in cloth napkins, if desired by CLIENT). NOTE: Napkin and silverware placement service may be purchased from IKERD CREATIVE.

CATERER agrees not to move existing furniture or change the event set-up without permission from IKERD CREATIVE's staff.

CATERER is responsible for delivering and refilling drinks at dining tables; this may not be required if bartending service is provided by IKERD CREATIVE and CLIENT wants guests to request and refill all drinks at the bar; at-table drink service and refilling is provided if Event Dining Assistant services are purchased from IKERD CREATIVE.

CATERER is responsible for busing of food dishes from dining tables (in a timely manner, to keep tables clutter-free for guests), unless Event Dining Assitant services are purchased from IKERD CREATIVE.

If IKERD CREATIVE's Event Service Assistant service is purchased, they will bus glasses (not dishware and silverware) from tables to remove empty glasses and dispose of beer bottles, etc.

Cloth napkins rented by IKERD CREATIVE should be shaken free of debris by CATERER's bus staff, and placed in the designated laundry bin.

If IKERD CREATIVE is providing bartending service, glassware, drink filling and refilling should be made available well in advance of event start time, for bartenders to serve guests at the bar.

  • Glasses or disposable drinkware must be provided or rented from IKERD CREATIVE.
  • Alcoholic beverages must be chilled appropriately prior to the event day, and delivered to bartending staff or IKERD CREATIVE must be allowed access to coolers on-site at least 30 minutes prior the event start time.
  • Our bartenders prefer softdrinks in cans instead of 2-Litre bottles.
  • CATERER is to deliver non-alcoholic beverages to bartending staff at least 30 minutes prior to the event start time.
  • IKERD CREATIVE's bartenders use glass carafes to dispense beverages like tea, lemonade and water.
  • Storage of CATERER's large drink containers or other items is not allowed in the bar area.

All dishes, glasses, flatware, plate chargers, serving dishes and other food service items rented from IKERD CREATIVE must be washed, dried and stacked by CATERING STAFF by end of the event (unless IKERD CREATIVE's Event Dishwashing services are purchased).

If IKERD CREATIVE's Event Service Assistant or Event Dishwasher service is purchased and dishwashing is to be done, operation instructions for the venue's dishwasher must be prominently displayed and/or training provided prior to the event start time.

CATERER is responsible for cleaning of floors and areas where food prep and plating or buffet service has occurred.

CATERER should ensure any food-related spills and breakages are cleaned up and safely disposed of and the floor dried immediately, using dish rags, towels, brooms and mops provided by CATERER or available for their use by the venue.

CATERER is responsible for providing all food, condiments (including dispensers, salt/pepper shakers, etc.), bread bowls, beverages, ice, trays, bus pans, dish cloths, dish towels, trash bags, cleaning products, and other materials to properly execute the services they have contracted with the CLIENT. CATERER is responsible for ensuring items they will need to provide catering services (i.e., tables, chairs, linens, tableware, etc.) are either rented from IKERD CREATIVE or have been otherwise provided.

Every effort must be made by CATERER to ensure the care of furniture, equipment, carpets, linens and all other property of the venue and IKERD CREATIVE. CATERER agrees not to hang anything from the tables, walls, ceiling, lights or other fixtures without the approval and supervision of the EVENT director. The  CATERER agrees not to use any decoration or tape that is likely to cause damage to property or its contents. Nails, screws, staplers and other fasteners that leave a hole or mark are not permitted. Protective coverings must be used under all candles to protect the finishes of counters, tables and other furnishings.

The CATERER agrees to pay for repairs or replacement of any of IKERD CREATIVE's property that is broken or damaged during or in connection with CATERER’s services and activities at this EVENT within 15 days of being invoiced by IKERD CREATIVE for the repair or replacement.


The  CLIENT understands and agrees that that they will save, defend and hold harmless, IKERD CREATIVE in the event that the services and items offered in this PROPOSAL are not available to the CLIENT because of reasons beyond IKERD CREATIVE’s immediate control.

The CLIENT indemnifies and holds IKERD CREATIVE harmless for all injuries or damage of any kind caused by items rented from IKERD CREATIVE, and for all consequential and special damages for any claimed breach of warranty.

The CLIENT agrees to all rules and regulations between the CLIENT and IKERD CREATIVE as outlined in this agreement.

The CLIENT shall not assign this agreement or sublet any part of the rented equipment in any way.

The CLIENT agrees that it shall not remove any items and equipment that belongs to IKERD CREATIVE without providing notice and allowing access for pickup.

If any provision of this SERVICE AGREEMENT shall be held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions shall continue to be valid and enforceable. If a court finds that any provision of this SERVICE AGREEMENT is invalid or unenforceable, but that by limiting such provision it would become valid and enforceable, then such provision shall be deemed to be written, construed, and enforced as so limited.

THIS SERVICE AGREEMENT with its corresponding QUOTE and INVOICE constitutes the sole, complete, and binding AGREEMENT between IKERD CREATIVE and the CLIENT.

This AGREEMENT shall be accepted by the CLIENT and will become effective between IKERD CREATIVE and the CLIENT:

•  When a deposit payment is made to IKERD CREATIVE by the CLIENT, and such payment is honored by the CLIENT's banking institution; or a cash payment is made by the CLIENT, and a written, signed, texted and/or E-mailed receipt is generated by IKERD CREATIVE or their banking partners, and is sent to the CLIENT.





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